SANDY HOOK COVENANT; **EXCLUSIVE** Adam Lanza Photo Picture, 'I WAS REAL’, Redux

2017.7.26 (AE) - In the coming weeks the existence of Adam Lanza will be PROVEN, beyond ANY doubt, once and for all… those DISINFO agents, intelligence agents, LIARS, and manipulators, who have been tasked with promoting ridiculous and untenable theories, claiming “Adam Is Ryan”, are about to be embarrassed and exposed beyond belief…...…... #wait4it


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Two MISSING Cell Phones, Kaitlin Roig's FEAR, Pings, Apex Glass Search

2017.7.19 (AE) - This video shows **NEW & EXCLUSIVE** details about TWO MISSING cell phones at Sandy Hook… that’s right, according to the official reports TWO cell phones somehow went missing and were NEVER recovered (or were they?)… Room# 12 teacher Kaitlin Roig was concerned that “the shooter took her phone”, and this resulted in her cell phone being pinged, multiple times, followed by a search of Apex Glass, and a residence next door… so who took TWO cell phones, and why???...

SANDY HOOK COVENANT; AryanEmpires2 Strikes Back

2017.7.19 (AE) - Introducing AryanEmpires, REICH WATCH, and the SANDY HOOK COVENANT series' new summer home... used if or when needed.
Still anti Fascist, still anti Nazi, still anti Trump, still anti War, still NOT Jewish.

AryanEmpires2 Channel:



SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Agent19 Made 'Justin Lanza' Video, Now Claims He NEVER Said Adam Lanza Existed

2017.7.14 (AE) - This video is a response to Agent19’s RAGE… for some reason he won’t commit to stating if he believes Adam Lanza was a real person, or a fabrication, yet in the past he’s harassed Justin Woolee by comparing him directly to Adam Lanza, even calling him “Justin Lanza”...



2017.7.12 (AE) - This video shows Alex Jones bragging about putting a man in a coma after a street fight… the person later died... so Alex Jones is admitting to homicide / murder... these are HIS words, NOT mine… more PROOF that Infowars promotes aggression and street violence...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Sniper Shot Adam Lanza, Kill Shot To Back Of Head Nearly 7 Minutes Later

2017.7.7 (AE) - This video demonstrates, using 911 Calls and police audio, that Adam Lanza was likely shot by a sniper through the Room# 10 Window at 9.39.59AM… the official story, according to the Sedensky Report, is that Adam "committed suicide" at 9.40.03AM… nearly 7 minutes later, at 9.46.54AM, a very loud gunshot can be heard, this is followed by police saying “WE CAN’T HAVE ANYBODY ELSE COMING IN”… some believe the KILL SHOT to the back of Adam Lanza’s head was done by someone else, and Adam could not have even fired a gun at 9.46.54AM if he was already “dead” at 9.40.03AMthis video is AryanEmpires opinion based on evidence from the Sandy Hook Final Reports…


ALEX JONES EXPOSED; Black Church Burnings & Jewish Synagogues Defaced Are Anti White HOAXES

2017.7.5 (AE) - This video shows Alex Jones claiming Black Church burnings are done by their own church members, and Jews are responsible for defacing their own Jewish Community Centers (JCC) with Swastikas… according to Infowars these things are HOAXES done to blame “evil White people"...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 'PAID' Agent Wants To ‘Compare Notes', Then Calls Us 'DOMESTIC TERRORISTS'

2017.7.1 (AE) - This video shows an admitted “PAID” agent, going by the YouTube username "Marcus Mancini”, asking very pointed questions about Nancy Lanza and the BATF… he then wanted to “compare notes" via email or social media, LOL… he said “I’m on your side”, but shortly after that he was RAGING and calling us “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS”...