SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Wolfgang Halbig Tweets Claiming Dead Children Are Still Alive, Wants DNA Tests

2017.9.30 (AE) - This video shows that Wolfgang Halbig sent out Tweets on 2017.9.24 claiming the "children who died at Sandy Hook are live and well”, and adding, it’s "time for DNA testing”...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Censorship, Work Orders, ‘HUNDREDS', Where Are They?, Wolfgang Halbig, CBYD

2017.9.22 (AE) - Wolfgang Halbig is clearly being protected by YouTubemy previous video was removed in less than 24 hours due to, quote, “violent or graphic content”, of which there was absolutely none... ZERO… all I showed was CBYD markings visible in various helicopter footages... Wolfgang Halbig works with, and for, the State Of Connecticut, the Connecticut Judicial Department, and the FBI's Counterintelligence Program, in order to COVERUP what really happened at Sandy Hook... so I’ll ask again… Toney Heart and Wolfgang Halbig, where are the “HUNDREDS” of Sandy Hook School "Work Orders” in your possession???… why do you hide the CBYD maintenance details???… why are you WITHHOLDING this evidence from the public???


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Work Orders, ‘HUNDREDS', Where Are They?, Wolfgang Halbig Took The Money, CBYD

2017.9.20 (AE) - Where are the “HUNDREDS" of School Work Orders received by Wolfgang Halbig via FOIA Requests???… Sandy Hook HOAX members donated their money in good faith, yet Toney Heart and Wolfgang Halbig have continuously refused to release these documents that are in their possession... undoubtedly because they show the school was active, fully functioning, and NOT "closed in 2008” as they’ve claimed...


NO AGENDA; Charlottesville Heather Heyer NOT Hit By Car, Died Of Heart Attack, David Duke Agrees!!

2017.9.18 (AE) - This video shows how the “No Agenda Show”, starring Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak, are promoting the exact same excuses as David Duke in order to defend Nazi White Supremacist James Fields, the Charlottesville Car Attack driver who murdered Heather Heyer… not only this, but Adam Curry has directed his viewers to a video, on a CLEARLY White Supremacist YouTube channel, which shows INACCURATE video analysis of the car attack in an attempt to blame the death on the victim herself, for being “FAT”… this channel also supports Andrew Anglin, a hardcore Nazi, founder of the Daily Stormer website, and one of the organizers of the “Unite The Right” rally!!… Anglin is also long time friends with David Duke, so the story comes full circle…


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; HONR Member Promotes Alex Jones Infowars & Nazi White Supremacists

2017.9.11 (AE) - This video discusses an HONR member promoting Alex Jones Infowars, the progenitor of Sandy Hook HOAX, an absolutely amazing turn of events, but not surprising… she created a series of videos in the wake of the Charlottesville car attack, in an attempt to lay blame on Antifa, defend Nazi White Supremacists, and give lessons on why slavery wasn’t really that bad...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 'Over Gassing’ Blowback On Adam Lanza's AR-15 Rifle Due To Silencer Suppressor?

2017.9.6 (AE) - This video shows “Over Gassing” of an AK-47 due to a silencer / suppressor being attached… this blowback of white powder is similar to the residue found on Adam Lanza’s AR-15 rifle… also, stock AR-15 rifles are known to malfunction if a suppressor is simply attached, due to changes in the gas system… the resulting jam then requires use of the manual charging handle, likely ejecting a live round… this would also explain the many live rounds found inside the school...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Noah Pozner 'Died Again In Pakistan’ LIES, Meet The Real Huzaifa

2017.9.4 (AE) - This video shows that Alex Jones, David Knight, Jim Fetzer, TNN, and many other “HOAX” promoters, have pushed ridiculous DISINFO claiming that Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner “died again in Pakistan" at the Peshawar Military School Massacre, two years later, under the student name “Huzaifa Huxaifa"… evidence is presented to explain why Noah’s photo was displayed… more importantly, the REAL student “Huzaifa” is presented…


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; **EXCLUSIVE** First FOX News Radio Podcast Report Of Shootings

2017.9.1 (AE) - This video contains audio of the first FOX News Radio Podcast reporting the shootings at Sandy Hook… the report is that, “a gunman is dead”, “a teach was shot in the foot", “three people were seriously wounded”, “everything else is unconfirmed including reports of children being shot”… unfortunately I do not know the exact time of this podcast, but I’m guessing it was posted at 11AM or 12PM EST...